Class RFacebook::FacebookSession
In: facebook_session.rb
Parent: Object


expired?   new   quiet=   quiet?   ready?   signature  

Error classes



logger  [RW]  Can be set to any valid logger (for example, RAIL_DEFAULT_LOGGER)
session_expires  [R]  The expiration time of this session, as given from Facebook API login.
session_key  [R]  The key for this session. You will need to save this for infinite sessions.
session_user_id  [R]  The user id of the user associated with this sesssion.

Public Interface

Public Class methods

Constructs a FacebookSession.

api_key:your API key
api_secret:your API secret
quiet:boolean, set to true if you don‘t want exceptions to be thrown (defaults to false)

Public Instance methods

Returns true if the session is expired (will often mean that the session is not ready as well)

Sets whether or not we suppress exceptions from being thrown

Returns true if exceptions are being suppressed in favor of log messages

Template method. Returns true when the session is definitely prepared to make API calls.

Template method. Used for signing a set of parameters in the way that Facebook specifies: <>

params:a Hash containing the parameters to sign