Class RFacebook::FacebookWebSession
In: facebook_web_session.rb
Parent: FacebookSession


Public Instance methods

Sets the session key directly (for example, if you have an infinite session)

key:the session key to use

Gets the session information available after current user logs in.

auth_token:string token passed back by the callback URL

Gets the installation URL for this application page to redirect to after installation

Gets the authentication URL for this application page to redirect to after login
options.popup:boolean, whether or not to use the popup style (defaults to false)
options.skipcookie:boolean, whether to force new Facebook login (defaults to false)
options.hidecheckbox:boolean, whether to show the "infinite session" option checkbox

returns true if this session is completely ready to be used and make API calls

Used for signing a set of parameters in the way that Facebook specifies: <>

params:a Hash containing the parameters to sign